We live in an age where access to information sometimes seems overwhelming. With the advent of data technology we have been educated to ensure that we are extremely diligent in protecting our private and personal information. Many of us know someone who has been a victim of identity theft or has had their computer network hacked. Often the result of these occurrences causes us to be very tentative in releasing our private and personal information especially in the area of finances. Due to a specific set of circumstances I found myself needing to engage the services of an accountant both personally and professionally. Being a BNI Enterprise chapter member I determined to retain the professional accounting services of Sunny Sun. I delivered 3 sets of personal tax information to his office for completion for the personal tax year end. I am impressed with the professional manner with which Sunny and his staff conduct business. The entire process was one of the least painful I have experienced and his subsequent requests for additional information were timely and clear regarding what was required and when it was needed.

I am so impressed with the transaction that Greenlux Painting is engaging the services of Sunny and his team to complete and file our annual corporate submissions to Revenue Canada. One of the major reasons I chose to hire Sunny was the wealth of information he gives during his 60 second presentations. Keeping pace with our ever changing tax laws and imparting that information to those whom it benefits is a service not every accountant performs. I believe it shows diligence and commitment on Sunny’s part to ensure that his clients’ best interests are always at the forefront.

We are very fortunate to have Sunny Sun as a member in our chapter.

Joy McKenna
Managing Partner -Sales
Greenlux Painting